Bergh Special Products is producer of spokeguards in all kinds and sizes.
Spokeguards can be made custumized with or without pushring cuttings.
Extra bulge and designs for all wheels that have hub motors is no problem.

Spoke guards customized!

The video's below show the steps you go through if you want a custom size spoke guards or spoke guards with a specific design.
This can be done in the online designer.
For example, you can choose push rim cutouts, a larger or smaller center hole or an extra bulge for, for example, drum brake wheels.
Transparent or with design, you can decide for yourself, upload your own photos or choose designs from our collection, everything is possible.
If you have a wheel with a hub motor, you can click on it and the chosen design will be displayed on the wheel with hub motor.
You can also see how a spoke protector is mounted on a wheel in the video.

If you still have questions, you can always chat (office hours), call or send an email to

The video below describes the steps you need to take in the wizard to get the correct size and shape of the spoke guard.

The video below describes the possibilities of the online designer.
You can use images from our library, upload your own images or use the existing designs from Bergh Special Products.

What do you want?


1. I would like a spokeguard on a wheel with a hub motor.

Every spokeguard, with or without design, can be made and fitted on each existing wheel with hub motor.
    In our online designer you can experience each design on every wheel quick and easy,
    see examples below. Please use our online designer
    In our online designer we can choose your wheel with hub motor and design your own spoke guard, see examples below.
    All about spokeguards

2. I want a standard spokeguard ( clear or with design ).

     Our spokeguards with design have a centre hole of Ø100mm and no cuttings.
     The clear spokeguards are available with cuttings. So if you wish to order the standard
      spokequards you can do the in our online webshop fast and easy.

3. I want a spokeguard with special sizes.

     If you wish another centre hole than Ø100mm or you want pushring cutting,
     please use our online designer.

4. I would like to design my own spokeguard.

     In the designer you can decide your sizes and you can upload your own image or use an
     image from our library. Please use our online designer.

5. I would like an own design spokeguard, but I would like to do this by email.

     This is possible, send your image or design by email to us and we will assit you.
     Use and we will contact you
Please proceed now in our online shop or online designer.

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