Production spokeguards and wheelchair trays

Bergh Special Products is a manufacturer of spoke guards and wheelchair trays.
With our machines (CNC milling machines, UV flatbed printers, a press brake and a molding machine) we print designs on plastic and cut the trays and spoke protectors to size.
Then the spoke protectors are bent into the shape needed, so that they fit the wheels.

We mill trays from plastic plates and we can bend edges with a press brake.
Trays are made to measure, possibly with print and with full or partial padding.

Spoke guards can be individually tailored, with or without cut-outs for hub attachments.
An extra bulge is possible and spoke guards for wheels with a hub motor is no problem.

Bergh Special Products has developed an online-designer, where the customer can create his / her own spoke guards.


We also make spoke guards, in any design, for all types of wheels with a hub motor.


We are still looking for partners for various countries who want to sell our spoke protectors.

Send an email to info @ berghspecialproducts or contact us by telephone on +31 314 359490

Below an image of a satisfied customer with spoke protectors and a tray individually made to measure!